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Become a LinkedIn Learning Instructor

A demo of our eLearning solutions covers our vast range of courses, unique instructional design, intuitive interface and helpful reports, administrative reports to increase util...

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The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Online for Udemy, Skillshare, and More - Redbooth (2016)

Get the lay of the land with this guide to teaching courses for popular online platforms, including Craftsy,, Pluralsight, and Teachable.

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A ‘Netflix for Education’? Why LinkedIn’s New Product Should Give Us Pause - The Chronicle of Higher Education - The Chronicle of Higher Education (2016)

Is delivering video courses and short quizzes all it takes to develop knowledge and skills?

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Can LinkedIn Learning help train your employees? - TechRepublic - TechRepublic

A month after LinkedIn launched its online learning platform in partnership with, companies report using courses to teach employees programming, writing, and leadershi...

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