Building a Poor Man’s Deep Learning Camera in Python

Building a Deep Learning Camera with a Raspberry Pi and YOLO. Streaming a webcam to a deep learning model the hacker’s way

"Amazon has just announced DeepLens, a smart webcam that uses machine learning to detect objects, faces, and activities like playing a guitar on the camera itself. The DeepLens isn’t available yet, but the idea of a smart camera is exciting.

Imagine being able to use a camera that’s able to tell when you’re playing a guitar, or creating a new dance, or just learning new skateboard tricks. It could use the raw image data to tell if you landed a trick or not. Or if you’re doing a new dance routine, what the series of poses are, and how they fit to the music.

Today, we’ll build a deep learning camera that detects when there are birds present in the webcam image...

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