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The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2017 | First Round Review

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The most insightful and transformative pieces of advice we published on the Review in 2017, curated for your perusal and continued excellence. Relevant to everyone working in tech, not just founders.

"The advice we've collected here is a tapestry of what technology's top minds believe is most important for people to know right now. Before every interview we ever do, we work with our subjects to choose a topic they think is truly timely and urgent — like a question they get asked all the time, or something they know keeps too many people up at night. In order to build this year-end roundup, we re-read through it all to concentrate the most pressing and impactful wisdom they shared — the tactics, actions, systems and frameworks they themselves invented or applied to succeed when the chips were down and failure wasn't an option...

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Getting started with your (tech) Startup
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