Why bite-sized elearning is important (3 reasons) – Elucidat Blog

Bite-sized elearning modules are small, self-contained elearning information nuggets. They typically range in duration from 1 to 15 minutes and are usually focused on one or two tightly defined learning objectives. This is in contrast to more conventional elearning modules, which can take between 30 and 60 minutes (or longer) to consume and have a wider range of objectives.

Bite-sized elearning is gaining in popularity. And it isn’t something the theorists are forcing on us! One study from the Rapid Learning Institute showed that 94 percent of learners prefer modules less than 10 minutes in duration (particularly for soft-skill topics), and 65 percent said most elearning modules contain too much information.

In addition to general learner preference for bite-sized learning, here are three good reasons to consider adopting it...


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