Should I become an Entrepreneur?

good and bad reasons to start a company. Not everyone should startup!

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Three Paths in the Tech Industry: Founder, Executive, or Employee
YCombinator, Michael Seibel 2017: "When people ask me for tech career advice I find it helpful to lay out the three paths I’ve encountered most in my ca...

Good and Bad Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur
Medium, Dustin Moskovitz, Update (Sept 2014): "I gave a talk on this topic during lecture 1 of Stanford’s CS 183B course. Check out the video if you’d l...

How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked my life up
Medium article, 2014: Startups are not for everyone: "Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.”

I Quit My Day Job to Spend Two Years Coding My Dream Game! It Sucks, Please Help
I cashed out my 401 K, drained my life savings, and set out to make my video game masterpiece a reality. Oh sweet Jesus Christ did I screw up.

Here's Some Advice for Millennials: Consider Working at a Startup Instead of Launc...
The startup world is more exciting when you're receiving a paycheck than if you're the one worrying how to make payroll.

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