Exit strategies

A look at different exit strategies for startup entrepreneurs (going public, selling to a competitor, mergers acquisitions and more)...

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Here’s How Likely Your Startup Is To Get Acquired At Any Stage | Crunchbase
Crunchbase: "Let’s say you randomly selected 1000 seed-stage startups based in the United States. How many of those would go on to raise a Series A? Of ...

Book: The Entrepreneur's Roadmap - From Concept to IPO - Feld Thoughts
The NYSE recently published a book – The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap – From Concept to IPO that I’ve been involved in. I wrote a chapter and made a number of...

What happens when you sell your startup? | TechCrunch
TechCrunch, 2017: This is the final installment in the series "A Startup Takes Flight." We started by creating a company -- the Internet of Wings, a pr...

Acquisitions -- If You Do Sell, Try to Make Sure It's At a Local Maximum – SaaStr
Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve met with a series of entrepreneurs that turned down pretty attractive acquisition offers, relatively early in their l...

Selling My Bootstrapped SaaS Business
Indie Hackers, 2017: "Five years ago I built and launched the first version of a SaaS app on a single flight from San Francisco to Buenos Aires. Slowly ...

The Founder’s Guide To Selling Your Company – Justin Kan | Medium
"For most founders, selling a company is a life changing event that they have had no training for. At Y Combinator, one big thing we help our startups w...

Airbnb's $1 billion funding round shows why tech startups still aren't going public
Airbnb's latest funding haul has surpassed all expectations. The company was said last summer be seeking up to $850 million in a round that would value ...

Why Unicorns Like Uber And Airbnb Aren't Going Public -
In the past 2 yearsm an increasing number of companies, particularly tech startups, have reached the unicorn mark: valuations north of $1 billion on the...

A peek inside Alphabet’s investing universe | TechCrunch
Chances are you've heard of Google. You're likely a contributor to one of the 3.5 billion search queries the website processes daily. But unless you’re a..

US startups don’t want to go public anymore. That’s bad news for Americans | Quartz
Going public was once a sign of a young startup's promise. But these days, a growing number of young companies are avoiding IPOs altogether. In 1997, th...

How to Build a Startup that Gets Acquired – Startup Grind – Medium
There are many reasons to found a startup. There are many reasons to work at a startup. But there’s only one reason your company got funded — liquidity....

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