Spain and immigration


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Forward defence - How Spain deals with migrants - The Economist

What other Europeans can learn from Spanish efforts to limit illegal migration. THE rubbish-strewn beach at Hann, a suburb of Dakar, Senegal’s capital, is packed with colourf...

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Italian minister declares victory as Spain accepts rescue boat | World news | The Guardian - the Guardian (2018)

Matteo Salvini, who refused to let ship carrying 629 refugees and migrants to dock, says: ‘We have opened a front in Brussels’

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Spain’s far-right Vox party shot from social media into parliament overnight. How? - Washington Post - Washington Post

Vox blazed across the Internet, dividing its country. Now it’s in parliament. "The slogan translates to “Make Spain Great Again.” The man is Santiago Abascal, and this, of co...

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