How to build an enterprise SaaS business

A collection of articles and videos looking at SAAS, software as a service business models

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SaaS guide: Software as a Service, as a business | Stripe Atlas
Stripe Atlas’ guide to understanding low-touch and high-touch SaaS businesses Introduction Why is SaaS taking over the world? Low-touch SaaS sales ...

The Essential Guide to Growing Your Early-Stage SaaS Startup
If you’re an early-stage SaaS startup with a fresh Minimum Viable Product (MVP), congratulations! As an early-stage SaaS startup founder or team member,...

Humans vs Machines: When To Hire And When To Automate
Kristen Habacht | Heavybit "In this Heavybit Speaker Series presentation, we host Kristen Habacht, VP of Sales at Trello. Kristen shares lessons lear...

Acquisitions -- If You Do Sell, Try to Make Sure It's At a Local Maximum – SaaStr
Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve met with a series of entrepreneurs that turned down pretty attractive acquisition offers, relatively early in their l...

SaaS Pricing: Lessons from 4 Pricing Changes
In under a year, we've changed pricing for our SaaS product four times. Here's a deep dive into each attempt, our mistakes, and what we learned.

Big Deals – Y Combinator
There are few things more dangerous to startups than Big Deals. Founders lie to themselves by believing that catching a single Big Deal will automatical...

Distributed architecture concepts I learned while building a large payments system...
I joined Uber two years ago as a mobile software engineer with some backend experience. I ended up building the payments functionality in the app - and ...

Dropbox vs Box Comparison – Stratechery
Dropbox has filed its S-1, but comparisons with Box, Atlassian, and Slack demonstrate how difficult it is to tell just how good its business is.

Why Negative Churn is Such a Powerful Growth Mechanism
Negative churn is an incredibly attractive characteristic of a SaaS company because it means that customer accounts are like high-yield savings accounts...

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