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Coders guide: How to get started coding Blockchain

getting started guide for computer science tech (blockchain, bitcoin, ether, etc)

Resources in this chunk:

Building for the Blockchain – Y Combinator
If you’re here, we assume that you’re a de...

CryptoZombies Ethereum Course - Learn how to code Solidity
CryptoZombies is an interactive code schoo...

Truffle Suite - Your Ethereum Swiss Army Knife
Truffle is the most popular development fr...

Learn Blockchain Coding & Much More | Blockgeeks (courses)
The world’s brightest Blockchain advocates...

How to Code Your Own CryptoKitties-Style Game on Ethereum | Medium
"CryptoKitties has done a great job of dem...

Code your own Proof of Stake blockchain in Go! – Medium
In our last post, we talked about what Pro...

Udacity launches blockchain nanodegree program | VentureBeat
Online learning platform Udacity is doubli...

Designing for Blockchain – Medium
by Emerson Stone: What will the much-hype...


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