Legacy Admissions and Enrollment at Universities in the USA

A collection of articles and videos looking at the Affirmative Action and Enrollment, Admissions at Universities in the USA

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Article economist.com

Why legacy places should be abolished - Exorbitant privilege - The Economist - The Economist

“I AM SIMPLY thrilled about all the folks you were able to admit,” David Ellwood, the then dean of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, wrote to the then admissions ...

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Article cnbc.com

Harvard's freshman class is more than one-third legacy—here's why that's a problem - CNBC - CNBC (2019)

Harvard's current freshman class is made up of over 36 percent legacy students. And as of 2015, legacy applicants were five times more likely to get into the school than others.

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Article nbcnews.com

Harvard: 43 percent of white students are legacy, athletes, related to donors or staff - NBC News

A study found 43 percent of white students admitted to Harvard were recruited athletes, legacy, children of faculty and staff, or on the dean’s interest list.

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