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MVP - minimum viable products and rapid prototyping

This is a collection of resources about: Articles and videos to hep startup entrepreneurs prototype (wireframe) to build and test product ideas (faster)

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Don’t Serve Burnt Pizza (And Other Lessons in Building Minimum Lovable Products) | First Round Review

Product builders should aim for lovable, not just viable. Jiaona Zhang (product leader at Dropbox, Airbnb, WeWork and lecturer at Stanford) shares her tactics for building MLPs ...

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I use these 8 tools to build MVP for my clients – Medium - Medium (2017)

I will start by giving you a tour of the tools that I’m using the most to build MVP with React Native. There is a lot to say about Javascript. Some Developers hate it because it...

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A Minimum Viable Product Is Not a Product, It’s a Process – Y Combinator - Y Combinator

An MVP is not just a product with half of the features chopped out, or a way to get the product out the door a little earlier.

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Building Backstage Capital Cover - Medium (2016)

An MVP Story. Go Lean and ship an MVP (minimum viable product) using a landing page and SaaS software to optimize for learning and then consider building a custom app, if warra...

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