Fund raising pitch decks

when you raise money, you will eventually make a pitch-deck. What should go into the presentation? What should be left out? Here is a collection of articles and videos looking at fundraising pitch decks.

Resources in this chunk:

The YC Seed Deck Template – Y Combinator
I’ve written about pitching before, and re...

Front Series A Deck – Medium
I hadn’t put together a deck for our Seed ...

Front Series B Deck – Medium
A little less than 2 years ago, I shared o...

10 tips for acing your market-size slide | VentureBeat
The most controversial slide in every pitc...

Six Slides | AVC, Fred Wilson
AVC, Fred Wilson "The CEO of one of our po...

Pitch Deck Alternatives – AVC
I was going through my email this morning ...

Pitching Hacks! (pdf) eBook
How to pitch startups to investors by Vent...


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