About Flowsense

Flowsense provides customer centric location intelligence and engagement solutions for mobile apps

We help companies with mobile apps to engage their users precisely, as well as extract business intelligence from their user base, always respecting the strictest user experience and privacy guidelines.

To do that, Flowsense integrates its technology to corporate customers' apps through an SDK that collects geolocation data in an anonymous and economic way.

With that data, our customers have access to the offline journey of their end consumers.
They are, therefore, able to:

1 - better understand their behaviors and interests;
2 - engage these users knowing their location in real time, or through our geo-retargeting features;
3 - count visits to own stores and competitors, plan their expansion in the physical world.

These tools and analyses are accessible through our dashboard, data exports and APIs.
We are therefore able to cross all our analyses and engagements with the company's BI and CRM tools.


Source: Flowsense

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