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TiendAPP is changing the way Consumer Goods Companies communicate with High Frequency Stores (HFS), also known as Mom & Pop Stores. This commercial channel is the most important in developing countries, responsible for 40% sales in the whole massive consumer goods industry (120B Annually in LatAm). Today it depends entirely of a face to face visit for 8 minutes weekly.

TiendAPP API connect online all the actors with an outstanding UX design, allowing CPG Industry, distributors and Store Owners to be online. Offering control to promotional resources and releasing CPG vendor´s time. These resources can be used to improve sales with more advice than just taking an order. TiendAPP moves the attention model from 8 min/week one-way communication to 24/7 double way communication, increasing sales in 27% avg.
We have more than 10K recurring stores buying through our platform. The companies we work with are more than 12 and are the size of Procter & Gamble, Diageo, Colgate, Heinz and more. The orders through our platform exceed 1,5 million dollars each month and growing.

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