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AI - and Energy
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Sales, Marketing and AI in the Workplace
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Big Data - Data science and AI - and business strategy
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AI and Writing and Creativity
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Liquid Carrot AI
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AI, Machine Learning and Academic Research
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Art, Creativity and AI Machine Learning
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AI Has Made Video Surveillance Automated and Terrifying - VICE
AI can flag people based on their clothing or behavior, identify people's emotions, and find people who are acting "unusual."

Amazon wants to use AI to recommend you clothing — again - MIT Technology Review
StyleSnap is Amazon’s latest attempt to use machine learning to peddle fashion.How it works: Announced at Amazon’s AI and robotics conference re:MARS 2019, the tool lets you upload photos and screenshots of clothes and acc...

Artificial intelligence can now make art. Artists, don’t panic - Vox
From painting to poetry and from music to math, we can view AI as a collaborator rather than a competitor.

Cisco to Acquire AI Startup Accompany for $270 million
Cisco will acquire Accompany which provides an AI-driven relationship intelligence platform for finding new prospects, navigating the selling process, and strengthening relationships, for $270 million. "...providing use...

Oracle adds more AI features to its suite of sales tools – TechCrunch
As the biggest sales and marketing technology firms mature, they are all turning to AI and machine learning to advance the field. This morning it was Oracle’s turn, announcing several AI-fueled features for its suite of sa...

AI has become table stakes in sales, customer service and marketing software – TechCrunch
Artificial intelligence and machine learning has become essential if you are selling sales, customer service and marketing software, especially in large enterprises. The biggest vendors from Adobe to Salesforce to Microsof...

Five questions you can use to cut through AI hype - MIT Technology Review
Here’s a checklist for assessing the quality and validity of a company’s machine-learning product. In response, I’d like to briefly outline the five questions I typically use to assess the quality and validity of a comp...

Police fine pedestrian for covering face, blocking facial recognition camera AI
Metropolitan Police officers set up the camera on a van in Romford, East London, which then cross-checked photos of faces of passers-by against a database of wanted criminals.

Patreon - Liquid Carrot
Become a patron of Luis & Chris today Liquid Carrot is a free & open-source AI JavaScript library. Liquid Carrot is focusing on making AI: - Easier to use & understand - More accessible to a wider audience - More ap...

Does AI make strong tech companies stronger? — Benedict Evans
Machine learning is probably the most important fundamental trend in technology today. Since the foundation of machine learning is data - lots and lots of data - it’s quite common to hear that the concern that companies th...

The Empty Promise of Data Moats – Andreessen Horowitz
Data + network effects ≠ data network effects Data has long been lauded as a competitive moat for companies, and that narrative’s been further hyped with the recent wave of AI startups. Network effects have been similar...

DeepMind wants to teach AI to play a card game that’s harder than Go - MIT Technology Review
Hanabi is a card game that relies on theory of mind and a higher level of reasoning than either Go or chess—no wonder DeepMind’s researchers want to tackle it next.