Startup Accelerators

benefits of startup accelerators (as opposed to incubators), and how to choose. For entrepreneurs and investors

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Academic Research on Accelerators - Feld Thoughts
The first accelerator, YC, was founded in 2005. The second, Techstars, was founded in 2006. Wikipedia has a good summary of the history of accelerators....

Startup Accelerators Have Become More Popular in Emerging Markets — and They’re Wo...
Harvard Business Review, 2017: "The effects of acceleration are remarkably similar for entrepreneurs across countries and even continents

New Tech Incubators Put Financials First
WSJ, Wall Street Journal, 2017: “A new generation of accelerator programs designed to help entrepreneurs get their products and services off the ground...

Sam Altman on how to get funded by Y Combinator @ Startup Grind
Published on Feb 9, 2015 Hear Sam Altman speak about how to get funded by Y Combinator, the danger of some incubators, and other great startup advice. ...

Y Combinator’s future as a Silicon Valley kingmaker is at a make-or-break moment
Dropbox on Feb. 23 announced plans to raise $500 million through an initial public offering (pdf), making the 11-year-old file-storage startup the first...

Techstars Mentor Manifesto In Detail - Feld Thoughts
I’ve been working on my next book, #GiveFirst, again. There’s a lot in it about the Techstars Mentor Manifesto and how to be an effective mentor. Yester...

Y Combinator Is Launching A “Grad School” For Booming Startups
The famed startup factory is launching a program designed for the tiny fraction of CEOs whose companies really take off.

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