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How to be a better Writer

a collection of articles and resources to help aspiring writers


Resources in this chunk:
Article theatlantic.com
My 150 Writing Mentors and Me | The Atlantic
What interviewing an author a week for sev...

On Writing Short Papers
"In the old days, when mathematics journal...

Article adamharkus.com
How to Write a Song - The Blogging Musician
#1 : The Secrets of Songwriting First the ...

Article hbr.org
How to Write a Cover Letter - Harvard Business Review
Focus on why you’re right for the job and ...

The power of your writing
Winnie Lim – Medium, 2013: "why you should...

Article andrewchen.co
10 years of professional blogging - what I've learned at andrewchen
1/ After 10+ years of publishing professio...

What Is a Computational Essay?—Stephen Wolfram Blog
Express complete ideas. Text, computer inp...

Article edsurge.com
Three Ways to Support Educators Who Hate to Teach Writing | EdSurge News
““Another English teacher just switched to...

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