Growth Guide: How to Set Up, Staff and Scale a Growth Program

YCombinator, by Anu Hariharan, 2017: "Advice from 25 preeminent growth experts at top startups “Growth hacks,” like Hotmail’s inclusion of a signup link in its user’s default email signature, can be extremely helpful in driving viral growth early in a product’s path to product market fit (PMF). However, sustaining long-term growth and reaching hundreds of millions of users requires a scientific approach to growth. In fact, growth experts resoundingly say that “growth hacking” isn’t in their vocabulary or something they relate to their work. “Hacking” implies a haphazard / gut-driven approach, and the reality is quite the opposite. Startups that have seen amazing growth have developed teams and processes that are intentional, exceedingly metrics-driven, and thrive on experimentation. To foster a scientific approach to growth, we’ve recently seen many companies break away from...

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